DIY Door Hangers

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DIY Door Hangers



DIY Door Hanger by 3 Little Greenwoods

Door Hangers are simply adorable! They can be used to decorate any door. A door hanger can be personalized to suit your entrance door, kids’ room door, kitchen door, office room door and any other door where you would like to add a personal touch. While there are several door hangers and door decors available on the market, you can also opt to make one on your own if you are inclined into handcraft. If that is your passion, get started with making your own personalized door hanger right away!

Door hangers are available in different types of materials. Wood, plastic, fabric, wool, foam board, etc. You can choose to work on any material you are most comfortable with and the one that you think would suit the design or pattern best. Today, we are going to work using the simplest material that is easy to work on- white core foam board or thermocol.

You will need:

The pattern we are going to work on today is a pencil design for kids’ room or teacher’s room. For that you will need:

  • Thermocol board (required size for your pattern)
  • Craft knife
  • Measuring tape or yardstick
  • 1” masking tape
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Craft paints


Cut out the required size of thermocol for the pencil door hanger. If half of the board would suffice you can cut the board into half. Cut it out in the shape of a pencil. To get the shape and size right, take the help of the yardstick and craft knife. It is common to have rough edges when you cut into thermocol. To settle this use, you can use the 1” masking tape. Run it along the entire length of the pencil motif and paste it to mask or cover the rough border.

Now you can spray paint the entire pencil. Yellow is what we use here (to add a touch of brightness), you can use any colour you prefer. Once it is completely dry, start to add the detailing to your pencil. An eraser to the pencil, the metal band, lead tip, etc. You can do all this mildly using a pencil. Now, more of painting work. Paint the eraser pink, the metal band silver or gray, etc. Once you are done with the painting, add the name of the person in the body of the pencil. You can add a ribbon to the pencil or any other décor if you would like. And, you are done! Try different designs and patterns of your interest.

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15 Tree Recycling Ideas

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The trees in the garden are cherished and close to heart. And if you happen to be a tree lover, we are sure that you wish well for every other tree on the planet, which is an absolutely brilliant thought! Many homes are privileged to have a big stretch of lawn on the front or a great garden. Spotting the space with greenery and wonderful trees is a delight to the eyes. However, it is sad when there is the need to remove a tree, especially if it is your own. The reasons for tree removal could be anything; lack of space, a diseased tree, a lightning strike hit, flood damage to the tree, the tree has gotten too big, etc., etc. If you have had a tree removed from your home and it aches your heart; worry not, you can recycle the tree and still keep it around!

Here we have some creative ideas on how to recycling fallen trees or trees that were removed. Obviously, conditions vary for an individual tree. If the tree was heavily infected and therefore removed, it is better to discard the tree completely. Consult with your trusted arborist or the best tree service in Austin to investigate tree quality before recycling it. If your tree was still healthy and removed for others reasons and recycling is a possibility, you can check these ideas to know how you can still keep parts of your tree!

  1. Furniture:

Good wood makes good furniture. If your tree looks strong enough and is good to be recycled as furniture, you can very well turn it into chairs, tables, cupboard, stools, wooden shelf, cot, doors or any other small or large sized furniture that you may need. This is the most useful way to turn your tree around. Consult with a carpenter what best use your tree type will serve as a piece of furniture.

  1. Stump chair:

Have you seen a rugged stump chair? All you need is a leftover tree stump and an old chair to turn your garden into an antique natural land. Insert an old wooden chair into a stump keeping is as the backrest. Although it might not be too comfortable a seat, it still serves the purpose!

  1. Wood log bench:

Carve out the tree’s trunk to make a classic natural wooden bench and place it in your yard. This will make a good place to rest or a spot to relax your senses a bit.

  1. Stump seater:

Have few tree stumps around your yard? All that they need is a little polishing on the rough edges and some colourful old mosaic chips on the top to make them mini tables or seats. Place these stumps in your yard or in some quiet place in your home where you can make some peaceful time.

  1. Gardening help:

Old stumps and an entire tree log can be turned into a natural flower pot. Add some flowers or grow some flowers on a carved out tree trunk or stump to add more elegance to your garden.

  1. A swing:

Have a solid piece of wood from your tree? Polish it a bit and turn it into a swing for your kid at home. What can be better than a swing on the tree during spring?

  1. Natural shelf:

Take four strong branches from your tree to make holders of a shelf. Add two or three wooden slabs between them and there you have a tree shelf!

  1. Bookshelf:

A healthy tree trunk can be hollowed out and made into a bookshelf. What a brilliant idea it is top enjoy both books and the tree together!

  1. Bottle holder:

Drill some holes into your tree stump and turn it into an attractive wine bottle holder. We are sure you would love the very look of it!

  1. Bicycle stand:

In need of a bicycle stand? A fallen tree can serve this purpose as well! Have this DIY bike stand just outside your home.

  1. Pavement:

Your pavement needs some new look? Why not bring your tree in here too! Cut your tree down into thin circular slabs and lay it down on pavement. A wooden pavement or log path to your garden or home will never disappoint you.

  1. Water pool:

A small piece of your tree’s trunk can be hung on other tree branches to make a small water pool or a stand that holds seeds or food for birds. Appreciate nature in your own way!

  1. Tree trunk decors:

Paint some favourite colours into your tree’s logs and hang it as tree rings. A classic and beautiful decoration for your home! You can use it to gift a pal as well.

  1. Stand:

Candle stand, hat stand, coat hanger, clothes hanger, etc. A solid branch from your fallen tree can make a wonderful holder or stand in your living room or bedroom. Add a touch of uniqueness in your home.

  1. A Tree house:

Last but not the least- a tree house. Consult an experienced carpenter or engineer to check if your cherished fallen tree can be turned into a tree house for the littles at home.

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DIY Gnome Doors

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Gnome doors are in! (They have always been famous, haven’t they?). Adding a little bit of fun and an essence of magic to the yard or garden, gnomes have been famous. How interesting would it be if you could just add a door for the garden gnome statutes or model that you have in your garden? Even if you do not have any model, it is still completely okay to have a small cute door for the fairytale characters at the base of a tree or along the fence. The best part here, you can make your very own gnome door! Learn how to make gnome doors at home with simple materials and lots of creativity. Let’s get started.

You will need:

  • Wood plank (a small portion of it)
  • Wood strips
  • A cabinet’s knob or a cupboard’s knob
  • Acrylic paints
  • Wood stain
  • Wood glue
  • A knife (that can cut through the plank you’ve chosen)
  • Polyurethane
  • And door decors you may like to add

How to get this done?

What shape do you want your door to be in? A rectangle, square or oval? Get fixed with the shape in your mind and cut the piece of wood that you have into that shape. To make things easier, if your plank is proper wood and you aren’t equipped to cut it, get it cut at the hardware store. Use can use the thinner wood strips to arrange on the door like planks- this will give a more antique and natural look for your gnome door. Cut them as well now, maybe into few equal inches wide and place them on the door base to check if you have the measurements right.

The pattern for your door entirely depends on your creativity. If you prefer a plain door, then plain it is! If you want to attach any door decors on the door, position them as well now before you get started with the painting.

A brown door leaning against the tree is more natural, but if you prefer a green one, again it is all yours (or the gnome’s)! Let’s say we go with a classic brown door with strips or planks on it for demonstration. For this, you can paint the basal plank black using acrylic paints. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Position the wood planks that you have over the base now. To make it more natural looking, you can leave some gap between the planks deliberately. Just a little gap, hence, the black underneath will stand out and appear like an antique real door.

Got the positioning right? Wonderful. Now you can glue the planks using wood glue. Leave it undisturbed to dry. After it is dry, you can paint the door. Brown, green, white, with patterns, anything you wish. If you are settling for brown, stain the wood with a simple brown. Evenly brush the stain on and quickly wipe dry. Make sure that you have all spots covered on the door with the brown.

You are almost done! Drill a hole where you want your door knob to go. Fix the cabinet hardware there. If there are any other detailing that you want to drill in, now is the time. Use some polyurethane over the door as a sealant. Just to add a little sheen or gloss to the door. Now all you got to do- find the right spot to leave the door.

Garden decors have gnome door on trees, carving on tree stumps, miniature tree houses and many creative ideas. You can test on each one of them that will suit your liking. For a start, you can check this out!


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5 Gardening Tips That Will Make Your Garden Divine!

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5 Gardening Tips That Will Make Your Garden Divine!

If you live in a house with a garden, you probably want to make it your all little personal paradise. I don’t blame you – I’m here to help you achieve this dream!

A lot of people who have gardens initially believe that they will do gardening, but then later on they realize that it takes away too much time, and they gradually let their gardens turn into a real mess. If you want to learn the best tips that will help make your garden absolutely amazing and divine, read on!

  1. Make It Diverse

Planning which plants you want in your garden is absolutely amazing, and it gives you the opportunity to be your own landscape architect. Not only that this is incredibly fun, but it’s also very creative, and it’s a great hobby. If you want to make your garden absolutely perfect, make sure that you use diverse plants. Not only that diverse plants will bring an exquisite and unique quality to your garden, but it will also look absolutely charming. On top of that, if you can manage to find some exotic lands, make sure that you plant them in your garden.

  1. Have The Appropriate Gardening Tools

You cannot expect to have an amazing garden, and be an amazing garden, if you don’t have the right equipment. One of the most important things when it comes to gardening is that you have the right equipment and that will help you do the gardening the best you can. Make sure you check online the tools that you need, and go and get down in some of the specialized stores for gardening.

  1. Have A Gardening Schedule

As I have mentioned earlier, a lot of people give up gardening because they can’t seem to find the time to take care of their gardens. If you want to have an absolutely exquisite an amazing garden, it is very important that you find the time to work on it and to nourish it. You can even create gardening schedule that will help you do the things you need to do at the time when they need to be done. When it comes to gardening, things have to be done at specific points in time, otherwise your plans could wither and ultimately die.

  1. Use The Existing Elements

Before you start designing your garden and plan team new plans, make sure that you use up all the existing elements. Perhaps there is an amazing hollow tree trunk in your garden, that you don’t have to discard. Instead, plant some plants into it and turn it into a real home improvement project! In addition to that, also try to use all the plants and existing elements you already have.

  1. Get A Bench

What’s the use of a garden if you are not going to enjoy it? Make sure you place a bench or a couple of seats in your garden. This way you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and watch your plans grow, flourish, and enjoy every moment of it.

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DIY Door Knobs

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DIY Resin Door Knobs

Here is an interesting video on how to make Resin Door Knobs by yourself at home! These DIY knobs are easy to make and require minimal ingredients. Try making these knobs using any pattern or filling that you like to match your wardrobe or room. Check the video out!

You will need:

  • 1 box of resin and hardener (from any hardware store)
  • Molds- preferably plastic and flexible (to set the resin mixture that will make the knobs, pick the molds according to the knob size you require)
  • Screws (choose the screws that will fit in your cupboard or door where you will be fixing the knobs)


A clear mixture is obtained by blending in; 20 ml of resin A and 10 ml of hardener B. Keep mixing slowly using a toothpick or wooden applicator until you get a clear mixture. Transfer the mixture to the mold. Place the screw in position and get creative with the filling!

In this video, they use artificial flowers to get a pretty floral print for lady’s cupboard. You could also use sparkles, coloured paper fillings, confetti, superhero stickers or anything else that you desire! Distribute the filling carefully using a toothpick. Leave the mixture undisturbed for 24 hours.

Now you may take off the mold carefully. And, voila! There you have your very own personalized Door Knob! If the need is you can smoothen the edges out.

Just remember, to use gloves! Hope you will enjoy this tutorial and try them at home. If you have any more creative ideas, let us know!

DIY Designer Door Knobs:


The video you see above is another demonstration of how you can make your very own personalized door knobs using paint pens. You can paint your door knobs to have your name, numbers, alphabets, flowers, an aeroplane or anything else that describes the room (or the door!) best. The procedure is quite simple and it is safe for kids to try it as well.

You will need:

  • Door knobs- You might have to test the material to check if permanent markers look legible on the material
  • Pencils (to use as holders to fix the knob on while colouring)
  • Permanent markers
  • Paint pens (opaque and translucent colours)
  • Nail polish or Gel based sealant (matte or glossy finish)


Fix the door knob on to a pencil so that you can work comfortably (check the video). Get started with any design that you would like using a permanent marker pen. After you have created the pattern, start colouring in to make the knob attractive and vibrant. You can use any combination of colours; it all depends on your creativity and imagination. Allow it to set until the ink dries off completely. It should take roughly around 30 to 45 minutes. After it is dry, seal the knob with translucent nail polish or a gel based sealant (you can get one in any craft store or hardware store). Fix the knob on your door and give your room a makeover!

There is no limit to test the pattern or design. The video demonstrates more detailing to the knob which you may feel free to try as well! The entire process is simple and a smart way to keep your kids busy and entertained. Give it a try!


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How do you get siri to read text messages to you Spyphone Reviews com

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App That Spies On Text Messages
If you ever are spying on a an iphone and you are both unwilling or not able to jailbreak it, spyphone-reviews is to suit your needs!
Their No-Jailbreak process is tops in the trade and, in my opinion, is definitely the easiest to apply and many efficient. I found that it captures a whole lot more facts, in less time, than any for the cell phone spy competing plans. Use of the monitored gadget isn’t really required. Examine my spyphone-reviews Examine.
Spyphone-reviews may also extract loads of data from essentially any mobile telephone This includes; calls, GPS position (inside of fifty toes of your phone’s genuine area), pictures, videos, social media messages (Fb, Twitter, etcetera.), world-wide-web browsing history and much more.
Activation is very swift and rather rather simple. I utilised the OTA (over-the-air) technique to put in the program, which lets for your app to become downloaded using just a WiFi link. I entered my license fundamental, then the phone variety of the mobile I preferred see textual content messages from. Inside of minutes, masses of knowledge from that mobile phone commenced showing up on my mobile cellular phone. I saw all texts that were to be despatched and been given. I noticed the articles of each textual content, the day and time with the concept plus the telephone quantity to that’s was despatched or obtained. I was happy to observe that it worked so well.
Perhaps the most essential aspect of the process is usually that it comes with Costless telephone help. Any person who buys this system can actually name the 800 selection within the websites and speak to a are living man or woman. At the moment, spyphone-reviews is one of only two products I’m aware about that provides zero cost telephone aid. The opposite is Vehicle Forward Spy.
The program prices $69.Ninety nine and it has no even more expenses and no regular monthly expenses. Furthermore, it arrives with no charge life span upgrades so that you practically never must purchase an alternate SMS (text) tracking plan once again. As a consequence of its exceptional features and dependability and its decreased total price appmia review point, spyphone-reviews is a good quality alternative. A exceptional textual content information spy, spyphone-reviews not only permits a person to retrieve new text messages from any mobile cellphone, it’ll also extract previous and deleted text messages at the same time. It does this by scouring the memory on the cellular unit and extracting all in existence previous and deleted textual content messages that have not been overwritten. The astonishing thing is usually that you can easlily do all of this without having honestly acquiring the phone inside of your possession. It truly is not unusual for buyers to report the extraction of text messages from nearly one-year-old.

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